Hunger and Mentoring Committee The Community Services - Hunger & Mentoring Committee reviews and recommends grants for eleven different charities helping those in need of food or mentoring. One of these programs was the Emergency Food Pantry at Hebron Zion Presbyterian Church.

The pantry specifically serves families and individuals on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands, SC. It is designed to help families and individuals in a temporary condition when the individual or family needs food to carry them through a short period of time. The ministry provides individuals and families with information and counseling on basic food and nutrition. The funds provided by the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook are used to purchase food from the Low Country Food Bank and / or Cash and Carry Wholesale to feed the clients that frequent the Hebron Zion Emergency Food Pantry.

In 2018, the pantry served 104,538 pounds of food to 1,340 families that fed 3,850 individuals compared to 2017 results of 72,056 pounds of food to 1,431 families that fed 4,072 individuals. In 2020, the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Foundation responded to the emergency needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic and awarded an additional $ 9,850 to the Food Pantry in advance of our normal grant process.  Steady increases have been seen over the past six years and it is because of the generous donations of the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook and others that Hebron Zion Presbyterian Church is able to help so many families on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands.

Committee Chair - Dave Berry

Committee Members: Shirley Salvo; Phylis Barber; Carmine Degenerro; Bill Britton; Carmine Degennero