The Exchange Club Foundation was established in 2016 to supplement the Exchange Club’s normal more than $100,000 per year in grants to the charities of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands. The Foundation consolidates donations from members and others in the community and using a robust charity evaluation and monitoring effort from the Club’s grant process to distribute all of the Foundation’s available funds each year.

The Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club is a barrier island service organization supporting the local communities. Charitable grants are focused in four areas described below. Volunteers from the Club membership makeup grant committees that manage the grant process. They meet with the charities and thoroughly evaluate their grant proposals. The ongoing committee involvement with the charities give them valuable insight into the operations, effectiveness and community impact of the organizations. With this organizational insight they choose the most deserving proposals and distribute the funds raised y the Club to the chosen charities.

Those donating to the Foundation can have confidence that their resources are being distributed where they can do the most good. All of this is accomplished without any overhead passing through 100% of money to the ultimate service providers. Also, the Exchange Club donates only to organizations that have achieved tax-free status, ensuring the funds recipients are further screened by this important requirement.

Here are the focus areas for our grant committees:

Child Abuse prevention – Activities in this area are aimed at charities keeping children safe from abuse and trauma; bringing healing to children and families affected by abuse; and providing training to help our local school personnel to recognize symptoms of abuse in their students. It is hard to imagine a more deserving mission.

Youth Development and Education – Work here supports strengthening academic performance in Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island schools. The tools used are college scholarships, classroom materials and funding for libraries.  Also help is provided to school groups to participate in otherwise difficult to pull off field trips that greatly broaden students who, without this help, might not leave their island home environment.

Community Outreach – This is the broadest of our focus areas. The team here works with important groups supporting community wellness, hunger prevention and affordable housing.  Some of the charities in this category are the well known Habitat for Humanity, the Barrier Island Clinic and a collection of organizations working with Sea Island Hunger awareness. These and other selected charities provide direct meals to the needy, housing for local families and face-to-face medical and dental services to those islanders in need.

Americanism – In this area, members of the Exchange Club promote patriotism, respect for the American Flag and appreciation of our freedoms. These members place over 100 Flags in visible areas in Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Island during related holiday periods.

Your support is needed and greatly appreciated. The Exchange Club Foundation offers an effective 501(c)3 tax free vehicle to support and enrich our community. Its thorough grant evaluation effort, no overhead process and dedicated volunteers can provide an excellent vehicle to support our fellow islanders most in need. Your gift of any size makes a difference. Contributions can be made by check or credit card by clicking on the link below. You can also transfer shares of appreciated stock to our account at Charles Schwab by contacting our Treasurer - [email protected].

Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club Foundation

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