The Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Directory

Every year, the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook publishes a directory of addresses and contact information for residents of Kiawah Island, Kiawah River Estates, Cassique and Seabrook Island. This directory is supported by our advertisers who are local businesses and service providers within the greater Charleston area. If you wish to participate in the Directory as an advertiser or if you wish to update your personal information, please contact [email protected]

If you would like to download a blank contract for advertising please click on the following link: Blank Contract 2017.docx

If you would like more information about advertising in the directory, please click on this link: Handbook intro document 2017.pdf

If you need help entering an advertiser's contract, please click on this link: Order Entry Guide 2017-2018.pdf