Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Foundation presents Angel Oak Award to Mrs. Mary D. Hill

Mrs. Mary Hill received the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook Foundation's Angel Oak Award on May 12th at a sold out event held at Wingate Place on Johns Island. 

Mrs. Hill has dedicated her life to helping others in the community. In her acceptance speech, Mrs. Hill pointed out the challenges facing the citizens of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands, and the devastating hit they took due to the pandemic. In March 202, unemployment in Charleston was just 2.3 percent and within two months, unemployment was up six times that to 12.3 percent. The people most affected were those who could least afford it, the working people of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands. Mrs. Hill's leadership at the Sea Island Hunger Awareness Project pivoted to help make sure that people in the community had enough to eat through the pandemic. She said that the organizations under the Project's leadership focused on three key issues related to hunger; affordability -  the ability to get healthy food at a reasonable cost, accessibility - the lack of grocery stores in many areas most affected by the pandemic, and availability - limited options to get healthy food. In addition to the Hunger Awareness Project, Mrs. Hill has been a leader for Habitat for Humanity and the Water Wellness Project.

Mrs. Hill reminds us that we are all part of a larger community and it's our obligation to help those in need in that community. For her efforts, the Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook gave her a $ 5,000 grant that she donated to the Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation.

Picture 1 - Ron Schildge, President of Exchange Club of Kiawah-Seabrook, George Fleck, Nominator, Mary Hill, Bob Leggett, Angel Oak Committee Chair

Picture 2 - Mary and George Fleck, James and Mary Hill

Picture 3 - Shirley Salvo, Allen Reed, Todd Gearhart; Past Angel Oak Award Recipients