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 Directory Change Form

Directory information changes can be made by filling the identifying and changed fields in the form below.  Changes received by March 15th of each year will be reflected in the next version of the Handbook out at the end of that May.

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Your Lowcountry Island Address

This should be your local post office address. Owners with lots can also be listed and should provide the address of the lot with a remote phone number.

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Your Last Name

This should be the name you are known by, not necessarily your legal name. Families with two names or hyphenated names can be listed as one or two different listings.

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Your Landline Phone or Cell Phone Number

Enter the number you would give out as a local contact. This can be a land or cell number.

Your email Address

This will not be included in the Directory listing but will be used to contact you for further information.

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If you would prefer, print and mail the form to:

            Kiawah Seabrook Exchange Club Directory

            Box PMB-J

            130 Gardeners Circle

            Johns Island, SC 29455