Online Payment

The Exchange Club would greatly prefer the advertising in the Handbook/Directory be paid for by check. If your business and/or record keeping processes rely on a credit card payment, online payment can be made using the PayPall access button. Your Exchange Club representative can also process the credit card payment off-line.

Your sales representative can help identify the amount owed for your ad. That amount can also be calculated by selecting the applicable charges from the pricing list below and using that total amount with PayPal.

Business Listings
First Business Listing ———- $200
Additional Business Listing —— $75 (Business Listings beyond those included in a graphic ad or or in addition to the first category listing)
Extra Line Business Listing —– $50

Graphic Ads
1/4 Page —————— $350
1/3 Page —————— $475
1/2 Page —————— $625
Full Page —————- $1000

Graphic Ad Assistance
Copy Changes ————– $30
New/Modified Graphics —- $100

Here is the PayPall access button: