Meeting Charts/Materials

Some of the presenters at our Exchange Club meetings are willing to make their Charts/Materials available to our members.  The item links below are provided here for your information.  Click on the link below ant the materials will be downloaded to your system.  Call Bill Nelson if you have any problems retrieving these items.

Charlie Davis’ Presentation:

President’s Annual Report Charts 6-15-16

 [President’s Annual Report 6-15-16]

President’s Annual Report Written Report 6-15-16

View  [Presidents Annua Report]    Download  [Presidents Annua Report]

Dr Geier Technology in Sports Medicine

Dr Greier’s presentation:

(several charts have had pictures deleted to bring the package under 50 MB)

                       [Technology in sports medicine 2]

June 1, 2016

Estate Planning

Andrew W. Chandler and M. Jean Lee

Evans, Carter, Kunes & Bennett, P.A.

[Estate Planning]