Exchange Club Community Handbook and Directory

The Kiawah-Seabrook Exchange Club publishes a combination Handbook and Directory each year, providing a service to both the local residents and over 300 advertisers.

The Handbook-Directory has been published annually for the past 24 years. It is the only published directory of the owners’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers for all our coastal communities. In addition the book includes activity pages offering information on the arts, nature, trips and the local tide tables, all of which are designed for daily reference. Advertisers individual information is displayed in their ads and in the business listings included in the book for resident and visitor reference throughout the year.

Distribution and Readership

The communities served are Briar’s Creek, Cassique, Kiawah Island, Kiawah River Estates and Seabrook Island.

The total of 7,550 owners in these communities receive a copy of the Handbook/Directory via the US mail near the Memorial Day holiday weekend. New residents receive a copy as they arrive throughout the year or when a property is purchased and the building process begins.

While this is an annual publication, it is not uncommon that the newest edition can be found on a convenient table or counter, while an older copy is kept in the bedroom or car. There is no one electronic source for all the information presented in this book. It is the only set of names, addresses and telephone numbers covering all our local communities. Residents and visitors use the Handbook/Directory to find their neighbors’ and friends’ names, addresses and phone numbers and for finding business contact information throughout the year.

All of the Handbook/Directory ads are also online at ks-exchangeclub.com, our Exchange Club web site.

Exchange Club

The Exchange Club is the primary barrier island civic club with 100 +/- men and women that are its members from the local communities. It is a volunteer effort to publish the book with the advertising proceeds providing funds for grants to a range of local charities. Total annual grants have been in excess of $100,000.

Handbook Area Demographics

7,550 property owners are made up of full time residents with an average age of 62 and second home residents with an average age of 52. Second home residents usually spend 6 weeks a year in the local area. The 200,000+ visitors with a median age in the mid 40’s spend around 5 nights with their families in one of the many rental vacation options offered. The income range for these groups is significantly above the norm. These are people with significant disposable income that are prime customers to our advertisers.

Ad Offerings

The Handbook provides a direct advertising window to all owners and a large number of visitors of our communities. Advertisers are presented in three ways in the Handbook: (1) Alphabetical listing of all advertisers; (2) Business Listing by category: and (3) Display ads with their unique messages. These advertising messages are available throughout the year to the local residents and visitors whenever they need a product or service. The information is available for the entire year and not read just once and then thrown away.

The directory sections and informational materials are designed to keep residents looking in the Handbook/Directory all year long.

2015 Advertising Options

Display Ads

Display Size Included Business Listings Cost
1/4 Page 1 Business Listing $350
1/3 Page 1 Business Listing $475
1/2 Page 1 Business Listing $625
2/3 Page 2 Business Listings $750
Full Page 2 Business Listings $1000


Business Listing Only (First) in Book & Online $200

Additional Business Listings  $75