Youth and Education Grants

The Exchange Club, youth and education grants are focused on the local Johns Island and Wadlamaw schools. These schools include: St. Johns High School, Haut Gap Middle, Angel Oak, Mt. Zion and Frierson Elementary and Charleston Collegiate School. Grant requests come from these local schools from individual teachers and the school administrators. The requests are evaluated by an Exchange Club Youth and Education Committee that judges those requests by the impact the projects have on day-to-day education and how they improve the academic performance of the schools. Improvement of a library program, providing classroom materials or equipment and support for an important field trip are examples of school grants.
In addition the Exchange Club recognizes a youth of the month and youth of the year from the islands’ high school seniors. Selection is based upon academic efforts, leadership and volunteerism at their respective schools and in the community at large. Scholorships are given to the youth of the year and to three other students with the youth of the year winner qualifying for scholorship competition at the next level with the regional and national Exchange Club.

Below are pictures of Caroline Knight, Student of the Year and the four finalists for that honor,
Pinita Tovar, Caroline Knight, Paige Snead and Grace Johnson.

Caroline Knight 2015 Student of the Year

Caroline Knight
2015 Student of the Year

Student of the Year Finalists                     2015

Student of the Year Finalists

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