Speaker History

 Meeting DateSpeaker snd Subject
3/3/10Coastal Conservation League – Speaking Against Construction on Kiawah River Spit
3/17/10Trenholm Walker – Speaking In Favor Of Construction on Kiawah River Spit
4/7/10Dr. Ellegala of MUSC – Teaching Brain Surgery in African Nations
4/21/10Col. Harrington – Congressional Medal of Honor
5/5/10Kathleen Wilson – Marathon Swimmer
5/19/10Don Hammond – Tagging Porpoises
6/2/10Darkness to Light
6/16/10Gen. Michael Steel – Message for Garcia
7/7/10No meeting
7/21/10Chuck Bensonhaver – Obamacare
8/4/10Bret Sterba – 2012 PGA Tournament on Kiawah
8/18/10Danya Jordan – Water Mission International
9/1/10Charlie Davis – Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic
9/15/10Tim Scott – Candidate for US House of Representatives
10/6/10Golf and Tennis Outing – Assume dinner but no speaker
10/20/10Ann Cleveland – Charleston Library Society
11/3/10Sunset Cruise followed by Dinner at Hege’s
11/17/10General Rosa – President of The Citadel
12/1/10Choraliers – Assume dinner but no speaker
12/15/10Nancy Smith – Institutional and Personal Investing
1/5/11Dr. Babanoury – Militant Islam
1/16/11Doug French – Boeing 787 Production
2/2/11Bob Baldwin, CPA – Tax Facts
2/16/11Daniel Beckley – Charleston Symphony Orchestra
3/2/11Robert Von Wormer – Southeastern Trappers Varmint Control
3/16/11Nick Porter and Kelly Bowling – Personal Fitness
4/6/11Jules Anderson – Anderson Insurance
4/20/11Ann Lee – Darkness to Light
5/4/11Henry Kennedy – Honor Flight Lowcountry
5/18/11Jeff Bohling – Norred & Associates (Seabrook Island Security)
6/1/11Pat Welsh/Elisa Cooper – Bohicket Marina/Freshfields Village Update
6/15/11Jeff Harrell/Kelly Bowling – Newton Farms/Fitness Center plus Youth of the Year
7/6/11Beautsie Zahrn – Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol
7/20/11Mark Jones – Wicked Charleston
8/3/11Robert Freer from The Citadel – Free Enterprise
8/17/11Bob Aldridge – Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine
9/7/11Nancy McGinley – Superintendent of Charleston County School System
9/21/11Maurice Washington – Proposed Sea Island Greenway
10/5/11Ken Burger – Post and Courier Columnist
10/19/11William Runyon – Principal of St. Johns High School
11/2/11Second Sunset Boat Cruise followed by dinner at Lucy’s Red Sky
11/16/11Dr. John Hallett – Keeping Your Heart and Circulation Healthy
12/7/11Jim Sears – Real Estate Analysis and Trends
12/21/11No meeting
1/4/12John Reynolds – Civil Rights Movement
1/18/12Bret Sterba – 2012 PGA Championship Planning Update
2/1/12Sidi Limehouse of Rosebank Farms – What Happened To Me In 2011
2/15/12Bridget Laird – WINGS
3/7/12Allison Skipper subbing for Jim Newsome – SC Ports Authority
3/21/12Andy Fairey – Charleston Water System
4/4/12Katie Lindler subbing for Mary Whyte – Watercolors of the South
4/18/12Youth of the Year Awards Program
5/2/12Justin Healy – Hurricane Preparedness
5/16/12Luau at Bohicket Marina
6/6/12Jolie Logan – Darkness to Light
6/20/12Danya Jordan – Roper St. Francis Rooftop Helistop Project
7/4/12No meeting
7/11/12First meeting of Activities Committee that I Chaired
7/18/12Randy MacDonald – Executive Chef at Seabrook Island Club
8/1/12Bill Walsh – Meteorologist on Channel 5
8/15/12Dr. Thomas Keane – Department of Urology at MUSC
9/5/12David Dunlap – CEO of Roper St. Francis
9/19/12Leon Stavrinakis – SC House of Representatives
10/3/12General Eisner from SC National Guard
10/17/10Brian Hicks – Post and Courier Commentator
11/7/12John Cameron – Charleston (Ship) Pilots Association
11/21/12No meeting
12/5/12Gene Hundley – MeadWestvaco
12/19/12Holiday Dinner with the Choraliers following dinner
1/2/13No meeting
1/16/13First Angel Oak Award Dinner-Dance
2/6/13Jim Hughes subbing for Tina Marshall – Goodwill Industries
2/20/13Patty Bennett et al – Begin With Books
3/6/13Melody Bailey et al – Sea Island Habitat for Humanity Restore
3/20/13Lynn Kennedy – Computer Technology
4/3/13Joe Qualey – Member of Charleston County
4/17/13Annual Youth Awards Dinner
5/1/13Beverly Hutchinson – Dee Norton Children’s Center
5/15/13First Gala at the Sandcastle
6/5/13Liz Boeschen and Deborah LaRoche – Darkness to Light
6/19/13Charles Lane – ACE Basin
7/3/13No meeting
7/17/13Sidney Frazier – Boys to Men
8/7/13Murray Neale – Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding
8/21/13Keeley Enright – The Village Playhouse
9/4/13Jeff Burns – Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority
9/18/13Peter McCoy – SC House of Representatives
10/2/13Golf Outing followed by Golf Trivia during dinner
10/16/13Karen Thompson – Sea Islands Chamber of Commerce
11/6/13Tim Kana – Re-cutting of Kiawah River Inlet
11/20/13John Hynes and Paul Giardino – Coins
12/4/13Eileen Chepenik – Trident Literacy
12/18/13First Holiday Cocktail Party at the Island House
1/1/14No meeting
1/15/14Second Angel Oak Award Dinner-Dance
2/5/14Bertha Smalls-Middleton – Wadmalaw Island Seniors’ Center
2/19/14Jimmy Bailey – YesCarolina
3/5/14Grahame Long – Charleston Museum (Dueling in Charleston)
3/19/14Barry Coats – SC Special Olympics
4/2/14Second Gala at the Sandcastle
4/16/14Annual Youth Awards Dinner
5/7/14Steve Slifer – Numbernomics
5/21/14John Irwin – Saltwater Fishing
6/4/14Darkness to Light Program
6/18/14Hacker Burr – Charleston Collegiate School
7/2/14No meeting
7/16/14Tauna Longest – AllCare Living Services
8/6/14Ben Abzug – Charleston RiverDogs Baseball Team
8/20/14Don Semmler – Developer of the Andell Inn
9/3/14Doug Henderson – Charleston County Public Library
9/17/14Ron Acierno from MUSC – Veterans on Deck
10/1/14Elisa Cooper – Freshfields Village Future Develpoment
10/15/14Nikki Joy – Checkup from the Neck Up
11/5/14Bill Trumbull – Citadel School of Business
11/19/14Dr. William Thierfelder – Sports Psychology
12/3/14Dr. Jacob Mintzer from Roper St. Francis – Alzheimer Research
12/4/14Second Holiday Cocktail Party at the Island House
1/7/15No meeting
1/21/15Third Angel Oak Dinner-Dance
2/4/15Katherine Pemberton – Historic Charleston Foundation
2/18/15Durbin Emerson – Fisher House
3/4/15Erin Dhand – South Carolina Ports Authority
3/18/15Dan Doyle and Kevin O’Neill – The Beach Company
4/1/15Third Gala at the Sandcastle
4/15/15Annual Youth Awards Dinner
5/6/15Jennifer Myers – Johns Island Regional Library
5/20/15Carole Swiecicki – Dee Norton Lowcountry
6/3/15Dale Synder – Sweetgrass Garden
6/17/15Joe Kovarik – Co-Gen at Kaptone Paper
7/1/15No Meeting
7/15/15Andre Dukes- Principal SJHS
8/5/15Natasha Simeon-Major and Fred Lesinsk – VA Foster Home
8/19/15Mark Sanford - United States House of Representatives
9/2/15Terry Weaver and Joanne Threlfall – Kiawah and Seabook Backpack Buddies
9/16/15Lynn Young, Founder, Lowcountry Orphan Relief
10/7/15Dr. David Geier, East Cooper Sports Medicine
10/21/15Senator Paul Campbell, Director of Charleston Airport and State Senator
11/4/15Chaplain Rob Dewey, Caostal Crisis Chaplaincy
11/18/15Colby Broadwater, College of Building Arts
12/2/15Kathy Jackson, Junior Girls Day Out